Day Two: Another Day Begins.

So, here I am once more. A usual hour for me to wake up, around 5am. I don’t know if it’s the world around me coming to life that disturbs me or my broken brain telling me that 4hrs is a sufficient amount of sleep. I still managed to smoke 4 cigarettes in that amount of time and eat a chocolate bar. Am I the only one who gets cravings while asleep and still manages to fulfil them even though I’m 90% still asleep? Either way, I’m on about day 3 of limited sleep, yet I wouldn’t consider myself to have been on a high as such. Physically I’m very down, mentally up. It’s wearing me out thinking about being physical. Maybe they should change the name of bipolar to vicious circle syndrome… seems more apt.

Published by inknots2day

Hi. My name is Chris but I'd rather be know here by my username; inknots2day. I live in Australia and I suffer from bipolar 1 disorder, OCD and I have been the victim of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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